A Crafter’s Toolbag

Taking up a hobby like crafting is a great way to pass time while creating something beautiful, fulfilling and actually building a relationship with your fellow crafters. To start, I recommend Learn to Knit: Essential Skills for Beginning Knitters by Caddy Melville Ledbetter or Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns & Techniques by Stefanie Japel.

I like online classes like Craftsy or Annie’s because the unique interactive platform will really help you learn the skills you’re trying to learn pretty quickly. If you’re anything like me, who could use some video tutorials for everything I want to learn in like — 5 seconds… this is the kind of platform you’ll need!

The best part is, they’re reasonably priced and it can get way cheaper too if you’re at pulse with their latest promotions. You also get forever access to all classes you purchased.

Laura Nelkin’s Mastering Lace Shawl was the first online class that I purchased, because I was so frustrated with learning to knit lace by myself. Now, I can say I’m very confident knitting lace and can take on any project from simple to more complex.

Below are some classes I took up myself. They’re fabulous!

Knit Toe Up Socks       Online Tunisian Crochet Class

I also love Learn to Knit Amigurumi by Michele Wilcox, Shaping Up with Short Rows by Lily Chin(one of my favorite knit & crochet gurus) and the cool Magic Socks – Knit 2 Socks in 1 by Kate Atherley.

…and of course, you will need a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles to start your knitting journey!:) A ball of worsted weight yarn(wool or acrylic) and a pair of size 6 and/or 7 straight knitting needles is sufficient to get you going for now. Sticky needles that are made of wood, bamboo and acrylic are beginner knitter-friendly, while slick needles like aluminum are better left out until you’ve at least mastered your knits and purls.

In your knitting kit, the basic items(notions) you will need are:

tapestry needles – for that once in a while sewing, i.e. kitchener stitch and blanket stitch

small scissors – for cutting yarns. Now, rest the temptation to use your special yarn scissors on “other things” to keep it sharp.

a couple of cable needles – used for cable knitting but this is also handy for “holding stitches”.

stitch markers – this comes in handy when dealing with pattern repeats. Definite, a must have.

Knitpicks.com and WEBS online offer affordable but great quality yarns, needles and notions. Although, it’s always best to support your local yarn store near you.

As you get better and bolder, you will also find this needle conversion chart very useful.

Happy knitting!

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